The Divine Savior School serves students with exceptional needs and their families by providing specialized education and therapies in a supportive community shaped by Christ's love. 

Who We Serve

Located in Doral, Florida, The Divine Savior School seeks to serve students with severe and profound needs, those with multiple disabilities, and who also may be on the Autism Spectrum.


Our school also seeks to serve the families of these students by supporting them with

on-site counseling and education.


We also seek to serve the students in our school and in our community with Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), occupational, and speech therapy.

What We Provide

The Divine Savior School provides a specialized education shaped by the love of Christ.


Every student receives a unique program, designed with the partnership of parents, therapists, behaviorists, and academic personnel. 


We seek to provide as many of these services and therapies as possible

on our campus. 

Why We Do It

We believe every child should know the love of Christ. Sharing His love with children is the reason we exist.


We are a community dedicated to working together to help our children thrive. That's why we call ourselves the Divine Savior Family.


We believe our mission has an eternal impact. Because we believe this, we strive to give our children excellence in all we do. 


As a Christian academy dedicated to excellence, Divine Savior is committed to serving as many students with Christian education as possible. That's why we've started The Divine Savior School in Doral, Florida. Our mission is to reach the special needs community with a specialized education shaped by Christ's love. An additional goal is to give our students at Divine Savior Academy opportunities to serve this community. 


The Divine Savior School will be located in a new facility adjacent to our current campus in Doral. That building will be constructed beginning the Summer of 2019 with plans for completion in 2020. The Divine Savior School will host its programs in the first floor of this new building. 


With God's blessing, we will launch a summer program that serves students beginning in June 2020. We also seek to serve children not enrolled in our school with on-site ABA, speech, and occupational therapies after school hours. Our first official school year will begin in August 2020. We are excited for the opportunity to serve families and students we previously could not, and we eagerly look forward to meeting the needs of our community through The Divine Savior School. 


Launch Timeline

Construction begins of new facility adjacent to Divine Savior Academy's Doral Campus.

Construction begins of new facility adjacent to Divine Savior Academy's Doral Campus.

Admissions opens for The Divine Savior School. 

Summer program begins, as well as therapy services for community students

First official year of The Divine Savior School with full-range of programming provided. 

Summer 2019

January 2020

June 2020

August 2020


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Learn more about our organization at the following links: 

Divine Savior Ministries

Divine Savior Academy

Divine Savior Church

Contact Information:

Dr. John Althoff, School Director



10311 NW 58th Street, Doral, FL 33178