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Bridge Program

We serve secondary students (middle and high school age) who benefit from both individualized academic attention and inclusion in a typical school setting. To provide this environment, Divine Savior School partners with Divine Savior Academy for a unique program that fits the needs of your child.


What Does A Typical Day Look Like




Students meet with their Divine Savior School teacher and small academic support group (max 6 students). Here they take their core classes focused on individualized attention.

DSS-Round-Graphic[core classes].png




Students have two elective classes, homeroom, and a lunch period inclusion where they will be accompanied by an adult shadow to support social success in the typical classrooms.


Graduating from Divine Savior School

All students who successfully complete four years of their coursework within the Bridge Program will walk with the full graduating class of Divine Savior Academy on graduation day and receive a diploma from Divine Savior School.


How did it feel to see your child graduate? 

“Thank you for what certainly was one of the two best days of David’s life so far. That sounds like an exaggeration but know, it is not. Your act of support and kindness will be in his heart for all of his days. From the time David was diagnosed with autism at three years old he has been challenged with hurdles beyond what most of us will ever face. Of course, those of you who have known David at all personally know that there is work yet to do, but all of you need to know that days like today, people like you, have done as much for David as all of the years of therapy could have to motivate him to want to be, and give him confidence he belongs in our world.”


-Mary Palacio-Pike and David Pike Sr.

Parents of DSS Graduate, David Pike

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