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When did Divine Savior School open? 

Divine Savior School opened in summer of 2020 and is currently serving students from 3 years of age through seniors in high school. 

What does education look like at DSS?
Divine Savior School provides a specialized education shaped by the love of Christ. Every student receives a unique program, designed with the partnership of parents, therapists, behaviorists, and academic personnel. 

​All children need support in their development to grow cognitively and physically, as well as spiritually and emotionally. Classroom instruction will be provided at a child's cognitive ability level and supported by a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) in a one-to-one or small group setting. This will include instruction in the Word of God and core subjects. This education is partnered with Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and supported by speech and occupational therapy when needed.


What is the Bridge Program?

Many of our students develop the skills necessary to transition into a more typical classroom setting.  Students in 5th through 12 grade will receive academic instruction at their grade level in their classroom and through a partnership with Divine Savior Academy, attend electives there to promote holistic development in our students.  Students in our Bridge Program will graduate with a Divine Savior School Diploma.

What does a Divine Savior School Diploma reflect?

The Divine Savior School Diploma signifies the successful completion of four years of coursework from 9th to 12th grade within the program. The coursework does not meet the State of Florida requirements or Divine Savior Academy’s requirements for a Diploma. Students who receive our diploma will have met the following requirements and will walk at graduation with the full graduating class of Divine Savior Academy.  

28 Credit Divine Savior School Diploma - Modified Curriculum

  • 4 credits in English Language Arts

  • 4 credits in Mathematics 

  • 2 credits in Science 

  • 2 credits in Social Studies 

    • 1 credit in World History 

  • 1 credit combined in U.S. History and Government 

  • 4 credits in Exploratory Skills – Living Skills, Cooking, Finance, Health, Computers, Personal Economics, and Job Skills

  • 4 credits in Religion

  • 2 credits in PE

  • 2 credits in the arts/and or electives

The Divine Savior School Certificate of Completion signifies the completion of four years of academic coursework during the typical high school age range as determined by the student’s Educational Support Plan, but the coursework does not meet the State of Florida requirements for a Diploma or a Divine Savior School Special Diploma. 


How does DSS support the families of our students?

We seek to serve not only the students of DSS, but the families of our students. On-site counseling and education, as well as devotional groups and worship services will be provided.

Dr. John Althoff, School Director

(786) 476-5156

What scholarships and insurance does The Divine Savior School accept?

Divine Savior School will accept the Florida Family Empowerment Scholarships, as well as work with our professional partners to utilize Medicaid and/or private insurance whenever possible to defray the cost of therapy for our families. Each child's needs will be unique and the services they receive will be tailored to meet their needs.

How do I apply? 

The admissions process for Divine Savior School is ongoing. If you are interested in potentially enrolling at Divine Savior School, we encourage you to contact Dr. John Althoff, our School Director to set up an informational meeting: 

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